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Increasing ATM Profits


Accurate Forecasting

Advanced, patent-pending forecasting algorithms take into account

· Long term trend

· Seasonal variations

· Short-term variations

· Special events

· Abnormal events

Separate model for each day of the week

On-going model calibration to deal with sudden peaks and valleys in demand

Algorithms minimize buffer or pad while achieving high confidence in load amount


S-Wave uses sophisticated, proprietary mathematical models for representing withdrawal patterns at ATM.  These models take into account long-term trends as well as seasonal and short-term variations.  As the withdrawal pattern can be quite different for each day of the week, a separate model is built for each day of the week, giving S-Wave unparalleled  accuracy.  The models further take into account the special events in the area where ATMs are located. 

The models are automatically built by analyzing daily withdrawal data and kept true by calibrating against the actual past withdrawals.



Text Box: “S-Wave is one of the best forecasting tools I have worked with.”
			Tony Mercer
			Cash Manager, ATMUSA