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Increasing ATM Profits


· Runs on Windows Server 2000 with SQL Server 2000

· Browser (Internet Explorer) based interface.  No need to install software on each PC.

· Seamless integration with ATM Manager Pro.

· Can be integrated with other ATM management systems

· S-Wave automatically gathers daily withdrawal history and other relevant ATM information from existing ATM management system such as ATM Manager Pro.

· S-Wave prepares a “Cash Out” report every morning, which is ready for use when the staff comes.

· S-Wave automatically builds sophisticated model of the ATM’s withdrawal pattern and keeps it updated.

· You create a cash order in S-Wave; S-Wave puts it in your ATM management system.

· You can quickly review the cash order for an ATM if need using detailed order report that provides historical graphs.



S-Wave allows you to 
Monitor - when ATMs will run out
Order cash while reducing residuals and total cash costs
Optimize to increase profits.

S-Wave integrates with existing ATM management systems such as ATM Manager Pro.Text Box: “S-Wave is an excellent tool for cash management and forecasting.  It is easy enough to implement in a small ISO environment yet could be applied across larger organization.”
	Tony Mercer
	Cash Manager