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Increasing ATM Profits




· Recommends optimal load amount, minimizing residuals while ensuring that ATM does not run out

· Reduces total cash cost by suggesting optimum load frequency that minimizes sum of courier and interest costs 

· Forecasts earliest and expected dates of cashouts

· Helps decide whether to do an emergency or early load if a runout is likely

· Speeds up ordering

· Reduces work by identifying ATMs that need attention

And as a result, S-Wave

· Saves time

· Saves money

· Reduces per transaction costs

· Increases profits

· Gives you a controlled process for cash management

Text Box: “S-Wave has streamlined and simplified cash ordering.  S-Wave presents its recommendations along with necessary supporting data and graphs.  S-Wave gives us a more scientific approach.  It doesn't forget about seasonal behavior and it notices all the trends. This allows our staff to work together, when one is out sick, the others can more easily take their place.”
Jim McGuire,
Co-owner & CFO
Text Box: “Using S-Wave, we reduced our cash costs by 5% and reduced the time required for ordering cash by 60%.”

Mitch Lancaster,
Co-owner & VP Operations
Text Box: “S-Wave identified ATMs with excessive capacity, too low capacity and poor load schedules.  It saved us  tens of  thousands of dollars in capital investment and cash costs.”
Jim McGuire,
Co-owner & CFO