2007 Swave Corp.

S-Wave Corp

Increasing ATM Profits


Key Features

 S-Wave uses advanced, patent-pending forecasting algorithms for reliable cash forecasting

 S-Wave reduces residual and saves on interest cost

 S-Wave recommends optimum loading schedule and reduces overall cash cost

 S-Wave simplifies cash ordering; saves time.

 S-Wave identifies if there are reasons you should review its recommendations, eliminating the need to review most ATM cash orders

 S-Wave simplifies reviewing past withdrawal history and order amount; saves time

 S-Wave provides the short-list of ATMs that are at the risk of running out soon; saves time

 S-Waves load amount recommendations minimize residual while limiting the risk of running out and takes into account

 Loading schedules constraints (e.g., load frequency, loading day)

 Multiple denominations

 Maximum bill capacity of the ATM by canister/denomination

 Cash bundle size requirement

 Weekends and holidays

 Desired confidence level that the ATM does not runout

 S-Waves money saving schedule recommendations takes into account

 Interest rate

 Courier fee

 Loading schedule constraints

 Withdrawal amount forecasts by each date in the loading period

 The days money is borrowed for or allocated to the ATM

 S-Wave preserves ATM history when ATM goes through logical or physical changes and gives you reliable recommendations despite changes

 S-Wave has a very easy to use browser based user interface designed with significant input from ATM cash managers

 S-Wave integrates easily in operating environments. S-WaveATM Manager Pro Edition is fully integrated with ATM Manager Pro. S-Wave can be integrated with other systems upon request.

Text Box: S-Wave has streamlined and simplified cash ordering.  S-Wave presents its recommendations along with necessary supporting data and graphs.  S-Wave gives us a more scientific approach.  It doesn't forget about seasonal behavior and it notices all the trends. This allows our staff to work together, when one is out sick, the others can more easily take their place.

Jim McGuire,
Co-owner & CFO