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Increasing ATM Profits


S-Wave™ is a very easy to use software product that saves ATM operators time and money by applying advanced mathematical forecasting and optimization techniques to reduce total cash costs.  It reduces residuals and the total cash costs —the sum of interest costs and the courier costs, as well as the time required to create appropriate cash orders.  

S-Wave - ATM Manager Pro® Edition™ is fully integrated with ATM Manager Pro, available from ProfitStars.  S-Wave automatically obtains relevant ATM information and withdrawal history from ATM Manager Pro.  Orders created in S-Wave automatically appear in ATM Manager Pro. 

If you do not use ATM Manager Pro, we will be pleased to integrate S-Wave with your ATM management system.

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Text Box: “S-Wave is an excellent tool for cash management and forecasting.  It is easy enough to implement in a small ISO environment yet could be applied across larger organization.”
	Tony Mercer
	Cash Manager