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Increasing ATM Profits

ATM Operators:  S-Wave saves time and money!

· Paying a lot of money in interest and courier costs?

· Having high residuals?

· Spending too much time on ordering cash?

· Want to increase profit?

S-Wave™ can help! 

S-Wave is the most advanced ATM cash demand forecasting software employing sophisticated patent pending algorithms to take into account seasonality, long term trend, short term variations, special events and abnormal situations for each day of the week for each individual ATM. 

Improve Cash Forecasting

Increase ATM Profits

Use S-Wave to save time and money.Text Box: “Using S-Wave, we reduced our cash costs by 5% and reduced the time required for ordering cash by 60%.”

Mitch Lancaster,
Co-owner & VP Operations
Text Box: S-Wave is featured in “Predictive cash management” section (page 25-26) of ATM Marketplace How-To-Guide:  

Controlling the cash: A Guide to effective and controlled ATM cash Management